I specialize in removing and/or suppressing listings from Ripoff Report

I have helped 5 companies in 2018 with their ripoff report issues

I will show evidence when you contact me along with references.

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Next Steps:

Send the following info:

How Do I know this is legit:

You will speak to me, then my references, and then my attorney when you are ready to pay. You would sign a contract with and pay my attorney, this way you are assured of safety (my attorney will not risk his license over this.

Is it guaranteed?

As of Aug 1 to Dec 21 I have assisted 5 clients and have had a 100% success rate but I am not going to be cocky and arrogant and say I will be 100% successful. Once I receive the initial amount I will work harder than anyone to help you. I cannot even get the next paynment till I success anyways but if after 4 months I am not successful then know that I did my best but no I cannot reimburse you for the time I spent.

Why are you on the downlow?

Because if the evil degenerates at RoR found out about me and the clients I have helped who knows what they might do. You will speak with my attorney and references only after I have properly vetted you.