Sometimes, dirty deeds cannot be done dirt cheap, but it can be done and is worth every dollar.

If you need to tear someone to shreds, I have done so a few times.

I am not here to ruin a person's life, I am here to help victims of online harassment and bullying get even.

Revenge online

Sometimes dirty deeds cannot be undone cheap. I have helped two individuals get revenge on persons and institutions that have wronged my client. I am very selective about the people I will help. In the case of one client his son was bullied by a private school and expelled when he tried to fight back! Now, I am making sure everybody who googles that school knows about this wrongdoing and can think twice before considering this school. It has impacted admissions and my efforts have resulted in newspaper and magazine articles. In the second case, a competitor was sending vicious rumors about my client’s restaurants including fake Yelp reviews, fake health inspection reviews and more. To the point they crippled this family business out of business. The owners of the restaurant were friends of mine, I knew what happened and in 4 months their competitor suffered the same faith. They were destroyed as well but in a more spectacular way that I will not get into. I am not here to destroy people, but I would happily help people who have become victims of other people’s wrongdoing and trolling. I have to protect my identity of course, when doing so, so we will have to be very discreet about this and of course I can provide great references if and when required.

Next Steps:

Send the following info:

How Do I know this is legit:

You will speak to me, then my references, and then my attorney when you are ready to pay. You would sign a contract with and pay my attorney, this way you are assured of safety (my attorney will not risk his license over this.

Is it guaranteed?

As of Aug 1 to Dec 21 I have assisted 5 clients and have had a 100% success rate but I am not going to be cocky and arrogant and say I will be 100% successful. Once I receive the initial amount I will work harder than anyone to help you. I cannot even get the next paynment till I success anyways but if after 4 months I am not successful then know that I did my best but no I cannot reimburse you for the time I spent.

Why are you on the downlow?

Because if the evil degenerates at RoR found out about me and the clients I have helped who knows what they might do. You will speak with my attorney and references only after I have properly vetted you.